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Carotech Automotive and Tires is your number one Mazda repair shop in Los Angeles, CA. We offer maintenance and repair services for all types of cars. Our staff is dedicated to being the finest auto shop in the city and we stand behind our work. Our services include basic maintenance, such as an oil change, as well as more complicated repairs, like engine rebuilds. We can resolve any malfunction you might be having with your vehicle. Schedule your next appointment by contacting (424) 283-4303.

Mazda Mechanic

For the moments when you want to employ a Mazda mechanic in Los Angeles, CA, Carotech Automotive and Tires is here to assist you. Our auto mechanics are ASE certified and understand the correct procedure for repairing and maintaining several different types of cars. Our auto mechanics understand the nuances of repairing Mazda cars. We can assist with all your maintenance and repairs. Below is a list of the services we offer.

Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance

In order to keep your truck operating at optimum capacity, regular car maintenance is very important. Carotech Automotive and Tires is pleased to offer car maintenance for car owners in the Los Angeles, CA area. We’re dedicated to running an auto repair shop where you can bring your vehicle for quick reliable maintenance. Fluid checks, belt and hose replacement, as well a range of tire services are some of the car maintenance we offer. Contact our auto repair shop at (424) 283-4303 to schedule your next car maintenance appointment.

  • Belt and Hose Replacement Routinely checking the belts and hoses on your car means you’ll detect problems before they cause damage.
  • Car Air Filter Changing the air filter allows your engine to breathe better.
  • Car Safety Inspection A regular safety inspection can bring to light problems before they result in a wreck.
  • Fuel Filter Replacement Gasoline can collect debris from inside the gasoline tank. The fuel filter stops this from getting inside your engine.
  • Fuel Injector Cleaning Cleaning you fuel injector will significantly improve your gas mileage.
  • Oil Change Oil changes are simple and usually affordable.
  • Tire Pressure It is always a good idea to check the pressure in your tires as the season changes.
  • Wheel Alignment When you need to improve the wear and tear on your tires, consider getting a wheel alignment.

Engine Services

Engine Services

Without the engine, your car is essentially worthless. The engine is the most expensive and time-consuming to repair. If you need to replace the engine in your vehicle, drop it by the auto repair shop at Carotech Automotive and Tires. Our automotive technicians also have the training to reconstruct your engine. While it will require more time to rebuild the engine that just replace it, rebuilding is sometimes a cheaper choice. When you need an auto repair shop for engine replacement, contact us at (424) 283-4303.

General Repair Services

General Repair Services

Your car is able to move down the road because it has many very complex systems that all work together. If one of these systems is broken, it can create a very stressful and possibly dangerous situation. Carotech Automotive and Tires is available to help with the repairs and replacments for all the major systems in your vehicle. When your car is giving you fits, bring it by our auto repair shop. We are able to diagnose and resolve the issue for an affordable price. Schedule your next general vehicle repair services by contacting (424) 283-4303.

  • Air Conditioning Service Stay comfortable in your vehicle with our professional AC repair services.
  • Car Diagnostics A car diagnostic is able to find out precisely which system in your car is causing problems.
  • Brake Repair Let us fix and maintain your brake system.
  • Power Steering Repair We can fix a leak in your power steering pump.
  • Hybrid Repair We offer superior local hybrid car services.
  • Radiator Repair When your engine is getting too hot, you should get your radiator serviced as quickly as you can.
  • Shocks and Struts Replacement Replacing the struts and shocks on your vehicle not only offers a smoother ride, but it can lower the wear and tear on your tires.
  • Transmission Service Allow us to maintain or repair your automatic and manual transmissions.

Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair

The energy required to start your motor is generated by the electrical system. The lights, radio, and air conditioner are also run by the electrical system. You may not be able to start your car if your electrical system is having problems. When you find yourself in that set of circumstances, Carotech Automotive and Tires is here for you. We provide free towing and we know precisely how to replace all the main components of your electrical system. Give us a ring today at (424) 283-4303  or bring your car by the shop.

  • Alternator When your alternator is failing, your vehicle may not stay running after it has been started.
  • Battery Difficulties starting your car may indicate a weak or dying battery.
  • Starter Starter problems can arise without warning.

Mazda Transmission Repair

When it pertains to getting down the road, the transmission is among the most vital components of the vehicle. Carotech Automotive and Tires is here to help with your Mazda transmission repair in Los Angeles, CA. Our staff of professional auto mechanics is able to provide you the best transmission repairs in the area. We are able to repair both manual and automatic transmissions. If you just need  transmission maintenance, we can help with that too. Whatever kind of Mazda transmission repair you need, call our shop at (424) 283-4303 to schedule the appointment today.

Mazda Electrical Repair

Car Ignition Button

Your Car Won’t Start if Your Electrical Systems Aren’t Working Properly.

The electrical system in your truck is one of the systems that actually causes the motor to start. For the moments when you need Mazda electrical repair in Los Angeles, CA, Carotech Automotive is here to help. We are able to diagnose and repair the alternator, battery, and starter of any electrical system. A warning light on your dashboard will tell you that one or more of these components is not working and you need to bring your truck in for electrical repair. We’ve got all the equipment to diagnose the exact electrical issue your vehicle is having. Electrical system failure is not something you should deal with on your own. Let us take care of the issue when it’s still small.

Contact Our Auto Repair Shop

When you need a reliable auto repair shop in Los Angeles, CA to service your Mazda vehicle, Carotech Automotive and Tires is here for you. We offer both maintenance and repair services for all types of vehicles. You do not have to wait until your car leaves you stuck somewhere to bring into the shop. Give us a call at (424) 283-4303 the minute you notice something isn’t right. Our auto repair shop has the leading technology in tools and equipment to offer you the best car repairs in the industry. Why not let us care for your car?