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Carotech Automotive and Tires is your premier Chevrolet repair shop in Los Angeles, CA. We can take care of any maintenance or repairs you may need. Ourauto repair shop offers a range of top quality services. Our services include simple maintenance, like an oil change, as well as more complicated repairs, such as engine rebuilds. Regardless of the repairs your car needs, we have everything we need to get your vehicle running again. Schedule your next appointment by calling (424) 283-4303.

Chevrolet Mechanic

If you need a Chevrolet mechanic in Los Angeles, CA, contact Carotech Automotive and Tires at (424) 283-4303. We employ only the best mechanics who are ASE certified and know how to get the job done right. Every car mechanic in our shop has plenty of experience working on  automobiles. We can assist with all your maintenance and repairs. Below we have given you a list of the services we offer.

Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance

Car maintenance is among the most vital parts of owning a car. Carotech Automotive and Tires is proud to offer car maintenance for car owners in the Los Angeles, CA area. With the latest technology in our auto repair shop, we’re able to complete your car maintenance in no time at all for a price you are going to like. Oil checks, belt and hose replacement, as well a range of tire services are among the car maintenance we provide. Contact our auto repair shop at (424) 283-4303 to schedule your next car maintenance appointment.

  • Belt and Hose Replacement We are able to service and replace all the different hoses and belts in your vehicle.
  • Car Air Filter We install only the finest air filters on the market.
  • Car Safety Inspection We provide routine safety inspections because we want you to be safe on the highway.
  • Fuel Filter Replacement Gasoline may collect debris from inside the gasoline tank. The fuel filter prevents this from getting inside your engine.
  • Fuel Injector Cleaning When you need to increase the fuel efficiency of your car, consider getting a fuel injector cleaning.
  • Oil Change Oil changes are easy and usually inexpensive.
  • Tire Pressure The correct tire pressure might prevent a blowout and increase your gas mileage.
  • Wheel Alignment If your vehicle tugs to one side or the other, you should get a tire alignment.

Engine Services

Engine Services

The engine provides the energy required for your vehicle to travel down the street. Repairing the engine is expensive and difficult. Carotech automotive and Tires offers services to replace your car’s engine in our auto repair shop. Depending on the severity of the engine failure, we might be able to rebuild your current engine for you. In some cases rebuilding the engine can be a less expensive alternative to replacement. When you require an auto repair shop for engine reconstruction, contact us at (424) 283-4303.

General Repair Services

General Repair Services

There are several complex systems that work together to move your car down the highway. The minute that one of those systems stops functioning properly, your vehicle will not be able to move safely. Carotech Automotive and Tires provides a wide variety of services to fix, maintain or replace most of the systems and parts in your car. Drop your vehicle by our auto repair shop if you suspect an issue with one of the car’s main systems. We’ve got the equipment and experience to diagnose and fix your car for a price you can afford. Call our auto repair shop at (424) 283-4303 you you want to set up your next car repair appointment.

  • Air Conditioning Service We provide services to repair or recharge your car’s AC.
  • Car Diagnostics A car diagnostic is able to determine exactly which system in your vehicle is causing problems.
  • Brake Repair If you hear a growling sound as you step on your brakes, drop your car by the shop as quickly as possible for brake repairs.
  • Power Steering Repair The power steering allows you to easily turn your car.
  • Hybrid Repair We offer premier local hybrid car repairs.
  • Radiator Repair A properly functioning radiator prevents the engine from getting too hot and seizing up.
  • Shocks and Struts Replacement Replacing the shocks and struts on your vehicle not only offers a smoother ride, but it can decrease the wear and tear on your tires.
  • Transmission Service It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got an automatic or manual transmission. We service both at our auto shop.

Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair

The energy needed to start your vehicle is generated by the electrical system. It also creates power for the lights, radio, heater and AC inside the car. You may not be able to start your engine if your electrical system is having troubles. In these moments, Carotech Automotive and Tires is here to help. We provide expert services for all your electrical problems. Give us a ring today at (424) 283-4303  or drop your car by the shop.

  • Alternator The alternator allows the battery to recharge while you’re driving.
  • Battery If you have a low battery, you might not be able to start your car.
  • Starter When you turn the key in your ignition, the starter finishes the electrical circuit, which turns over the motor.

Chevrolet Transmission Repair

When it comes to moving down the road, the transmission is one of the most vital components of the vehicle. If you find yourself in need of Chevrolet transmission repair in Los Angeles, CA, Carotech Automotive is here to help. We’re committed to offering the leading transmission services for any car anywhere. Our staff is experienced in both manual and automatic transmission services. Let us keep your automobile working longer with Chevrolet transmission maintenance services. You are able to set up your Chevrolet transmission repair by contacting our shop at (424) 283-4303.

Chevrolet Electrical Repair

Car Ignition Button

Your Car Won’t Start if Your Electrical Systems Aren’t Working Properly.

Every car has an electrical system that makes the vehicle start and operates things such as the heater and air conditioner. Carotech Automotive is available for your Chevrolet electrical repair in Los Angeles. When it comes to electrical repair, the alternator, battery, and starter are the main components that we are able to diagnose and repair. If you require electrical repair, the battery light will light up on your dashboard. We have all the tools to diagnose the specific electrical issue your truck is having. Don’t put it off until you are stranded on the side of the highway to bring your car in for electrical repair. We’ll repair your electrical system in a timely, affordable manner.

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Carotech Automotive and Tires is your reliable Chevrolet auto repair shop in Los Angeles, CA. Our mechanics have the skills and expertise to provide you a dependable, well maintained car. There is no reason you should wait for a complete failure to bring your car into the shop. When you feel anything out of the ordinary about your car, give us a ring at (424) 283-4303. Our auto repair shop has the latest technology in tools and equipment to offer you the leading car repairs in the industry. Let us handle all your repairs and maintenance.