Fuel Filter Replacement

Mechanic Performing a Fuel Filter Replacement

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Los Angeles, CA has relatively competitive prices for gasoline on a national level. But regardless of this, it can still be a bit too expensive to always buy the most high-quality fuel. This is why it is so important to replace the fuel filter at the manufacturer’s recommendation. Most fuel filters today have a bypass valve that can allow for the fuel to reach your engine and keep your car running, even after they are full. Even though this keeps your car functioning when you need it to, the fuel that makes it to your engine is completely unfiltered and can cause damage very quickly. A fuel filter replacement in Los Angeles, CA can increase your fuel efficiency and help your engine run better overall. Contact the shop of Carotech Automotive and Tires at (424) 283-4303 to schedule your replacement today.

Signs You Need a Fuel Filter Replacement

What a lot of drivers don’t realize is that your fuel filter can eventually affect your engine’s ability to run properly. With dirty fuel coursing through the engine, there are a quite a few parts of your vehicle that can suffer, including the intake valve and the fuel injectors. Here are signs that you might need to have a fuel filter replacement.

Fuel Filters After a Fuel Filter Replacement

Replacing the Fuel Filters in Your Car Can Increase Your Gas Mileage.

Engine hesitation: A dirty fuel filter can cause your engine to have reduced engine response time. This is because the fuel filter is not allowing the proper level of fuel to get to the engine itself.

Rough engine idle: A rough engine idle can be caused by bad mixtures of fuel being delivered to your engine on an intermittent basis. In these cases, your engine is sometimes being choked off the fuel it requires to idle properly.

Engine stalling: Much like the other side effects of needing a fuel filter replacement, a stalling engine can come from a lack of gasoline to the engine itself. If allowed to continue, this can eventually lead to your car not starting at all.

Get Professional Fuel Filter Replacement

The truth about your car is that through preventative maintenance and regular service, you can make your vehicle last well into the future. We urge you to contact us at (424) 283-4303 if you have any questions about getting a fuel filter replacement in Los Angeles, CA. With the price of high-grade gasoline steadily rising over the years, it becomes increasingly important to make sure that the gasoline being used in your engine is cleaned before the contaminants reach your engine.