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Carotech Automotive and Tires is your local stop for auto repair service in Los Angeles, CA. We are committed to making sure our customers have safe, dependable vehicles to get you where you need to be. We hire only the most professional ASE certified mechanics who know how to get the job done right. Whether you need minor car maintenance or you’re looking for someone to help with a major engine rebuild, our staff is here for you. Give us a call at (424) 283-4303 to schedule your appointment today. We are here to make sure you can get back and forth from work safely.

  • Air Conditioning Service We are prepared to recharge, repair or replace your car’s air conditioning system.
  • Car Electrical Repair A faulty electrical system in your car could leave you stranded on the side of the road. Bring your car in for service before that happens.
  • Car Diagnostics We have all the tools needed to find out exactly what is wrong with your car.
  • Brake Repairs Whether you need new shoes, pads or rotors, we can complete all your brake repairs to keep your car stopping safely.
  • Car Maintenance Maintaining your car can increase the lifespan of your engine and save you a lot of stress in the future.
  • Driveline and Differential Repair Keep your wheels turning with differential and driveline services from our shop.
  • Engine Rebuild & Replacement If your engine goes out, we can help you determine if the best route is to rebuild or replace it.
  • Complementary Services We offer a variety of complementary services for all our customers.
  • Power Steering Repair If you’re power steering pump is leaking, bring it into the shop for repairs.
  • Hybrid Repair We provide top of the line repairs for all models of hybrid vehicles.
  • Radiator Repair It is important to keep your radiator in tip-top condition to prevent your engine from overheating.
  • Shocks and Struts Replacement New shocks and struts keep your tires in line and provide for a smoother ride in your car.
  • Timing Belt Replacement Replacing the timing belt on your engine periodically can prevent a complete engine shut down.
  • Transmission Service We offer maintenance and major repair services for both automatic and manual transmissions.

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Let Us Help Take the Stress Out of Dealing With Car Problems.

At Carotech Automotive and Tires, we understand the importance of having a safe dependable vehicle. Our commitment to you is that we will complete the proper diagnostic, repairs or maintenance needed to keep your car running as safely as possible. We use the latest technology to improve our services, especially our diagnostics. When you bring your car into our shop, we will quickly identify the problem and communicate with you the best way to get it repaired. Should any additional problems arise during the repairs, we will promptly call you and discuss further repairs that are needed. We know that car problems can be stressful, and we guarantee that we will never take advantage of your situation when you bring your vehicle into the shop.

When you need auto repair service in Los Angeles, CA, Carotech Automotive and Tires is here for you. We have years of experience repairing and maintaining cars and we strive to keep up with the latest recommendations for car maintenance. Our auto shop also is committed to keeping up with the computer technology in modern cars to better serve our customers. Whatever type of auto repair service you may need, we’ve got the skills and experience necessary to keep your vehicle running smoothly. When we change any fluid in your car, we are careful to dispose of it properly, so as not to harm the environment or businesses around us. Check out the list of services we offer below or give us a call at (424) 283-4303 to schedule your next auto repair service appointment.